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Organize Your Event with Sciforum

Sciforum is MDPI’s platform dedicated to the organization of scientific events. In line with MDPI’s mission to promote science and accelerate innovation, Sciforum supports scholars, societies, research networks, and universities at all stages of organizing events, webinars, symposia, forums, workshops, summer schools, etc. Our platforms are efficient, user-friendly, and cost-effective. SciForum can handle all steps related to event management, please check the Help Center for more details.

We can help you manage every online aspect of scholarly event organization and provide customized support to meet your needs. We offer various editing and publishing options for event abstracts, proceedings papers, and peer-reviewed articles.

Our goal is to provide professional support to make your scientific event a success.

For questions or information regarding Sciforum services, please contact us

What Does Sciforum Offer?

Website and Program Management

Sciforum provides online tools that support all aspects of event organization, including setting up and maintaining the event website, managing the peer-review process, handling and coordinating the event schedule, registration, billing, sponsors, etc.

Sciforum Access Fee
1000 CHF per event
Access and use the platform yourself. You can select customized services if needed. The Sciforum team provides comprehensive support in case of questions in both cases.

Customized Event Services

In addition to offering access to the Sciforum tools, we offer personalized support to meet your specific needs, including management of registrations, graphic design, local organization, and support with administrative tasks and financial accounting.

Website Set-up
2000 CHF
We create the website based on the organizer’s requests, manage basic settings and user roles.
Graphic Design
From 300 CHF
Logo and Banner: 300 CHF
Promotional Banners: 300 CHF
Badge and Lanyards: 300 CHF
Flyer: 400 CHF
Recording editing: from 300 CHF
Event banner on selected MDPI journals.
*Cost per thousand impressions.
Management of Registrations
30 CHF per completed registration + 4 % of the total income
We validate registrations, issue invoices and reminders, respond to queries, and can provide the list of registrants at any time.
We collect all registration fees (and other fees) in our own account on your behalf. After the conference has ended, we will deduct our service fee from the collected income and transfer you the difference.
Live Stream Options
From 150 CHF
Before the conference, we will collect the slides of the presenters in case they encounter any problems with their screen-sharing during their presentation. We will set up the conference on Zoom and invite the speakers as panelists.
On the day of the conference, a conference team member will be present on the live stream during the whole conference, checking that all speakers are present and contacting them if they are not, as well as in the case of any technical issues. A practice room, where speakers can drop in to test Zoom’s functionalities and receive instructions, will be set up for a short period before the conference.
Promotional Service
20 CHF
Social media post. We will publish a maximum of five posts dedicated to your virtual event on each of our Sciforum social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook). Each publication will be reposted on our MDPI account and the sponsor journal’s social media platforms.
Announcement on journal website. This will consist of a conference banner, link and short description listed on the sponsor journal’s website, within its events page.
Payment of Invoices
50 CHF per transfer
Upon request, we can pay other service providers on your behalf (venue, catering, etc.), provided there is sufficient income collected from the registration fees to cover the requested amount and MDPI costs. After the event, we will deduct our service fee from the remaining income, and transfer you the difference.

Publication Services

We provide access to the tools to manage the review process and revision of event submissions (abstracts and papers). Accepted event submissions are published in the journal Proceedings after professional copy-editing and English language editing.

Publication in Proceedings Journal
27 CHF per proceedings paper (1-4 pages)
54 CHF per proceedings paper (5-9 pages)
We provide access to the online tools to manage submission and review of abstracts and event papers. We handle copy-editing and English language editing of short proceedings papers up to 4 pages (27 CHF/paper), or up to 9 pages (54 CHF/paper). Accepted papers are published online in MDPI Proceedings Journals with a dedicated event proceedings page and registration of a Crossref DOI. Copy-editing and publication of extended abstracts and longer proceedings papers are also possible, please contact us for a quotation .